Servicing tutorial

This is, in effect, a bicycle servicing tutorial with Doctor D.

Tutorials will require a Prologue health check in advance to determine exact requirements so any parts likely to be needed can be sourced in advance.

The price of this will be deductable from the price of the tutorial.

The tutorial is generally run on a one to one basis from 9.00am – 6.00pm weekdays only

It encompasses a full day at ‘The Surgery’ and will cover all key aspects of bicycle servicing.

Subjects include:

  • Full bike strip-down
  • Frame alignment check
  • Component cleaning and lubrication
  • Gear hanger alignment check
  • Brake set up and fine tuning
  • Pad replacement (and bleeding if hydraulic system used)
  • Derailleur indexing adjustment
  • Cable installation
  • Transmission (chain, cassette, jockey wheels and chain rings) removal methods, cleaning and re-assembly
  • Headset installation and adjustment
  • Wheel Truing
  • Hub servicing
  • General preventative maintenance
  • Handlebar taping

This ‘hands on’ course can be tailored to an individual’s exact requirements and will include a light lunch and all the good quality coffee you can drink.

£250 including VAT at 20% (plus parts)