What is Doctor D?

Simply put, the finest bicycle maintenance service available.

Who is Doctor D?

Rohan Dubash. I have been a passionate cyclist since 1979. My love of the machinery, the etiquette and the sport itself led me to enter the cycling industry in 1981. In that time I have worked for several high end retailers and also contributed technical articles to publications including Cycling Weekly and Rouleur Magazine.

I have ridden competitively with moderate success against the clock in time-trials and also in road races. I have also participated in many sportives and granfondos both at home in the UK and in Italy.

Why Doctor D?

During my first 30 years in the industry I have earned the reputation for being an obsessive with an almost unparalleled attention to detail. My desire to treat everyone I deal with (and their bike) exactly as I would like to be treated is widely known, but something that is hard to ensure if I am not in complete control of the situation. For this very reason I have decided to go it alone and break free of the shackles inevitably imposed by traditional bicycle shops and their infrastructure.

My desire to treat my client’s bicycles like patients and do everything in my power to resolve issues both mechanical and biomechanical resulted in me being likened to a doctor hence…Doctor D

What does that mean to you and your bike?

Simply put, I care and take pride in my work. A client is far more than just a client.

Every person who hands over their cherished machine to Doctor D can be sure it is in safe hands. If you want to be confident that your pride and joy is going to be treated with the utmost care look no further.