Hors category Service

True to its name this is a bicycle service beyond classification. This level of work will rarely, if ever, be offered by your local bike shop.

  • Your bike will be completely stripped down to its bare frame.
  • Each component will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected.
  • Your frame and fork will also be carefully cleaned and inspected for any visible damage or cracks.
  • Minor scuffs and abrasions will be treated with polishing compound and small paint defects ‘touched in’ (an additional charge will be made for any paint used)
  • The frame and fork will then be waxed and polished before clear protective film patches are applied to areas prone to cable rub.
  • Your wheels will have their tyres, tubes and rim tapes removed and be inspected (unless shod with tubulars, in which case gluing integrity will be physically tested and options discussed) before being checked for true and tension. The braking surfaces will be dressed using a mild abrasive
  • All bearings will be checked, stripped out and cleaned where possible. New balls and bearing surfaces will be replaced if required.
  • Handlebar tape will be removed, bars and stem visually inspected for defects and new cable housings and inner wires fitted.
  • The bike will be lovingly reassembled to the highest standards following component manufacturer’s recommended practices and returned to its proud owner almost, and in some cases, better that new.
  • Detailed written service report provided.

£192 including VAT at 20% + parts (Campagnolo Ergopower lever strip and rebuild at additional cost depending on work required)

nb. an additional charge of £20 will be made for Hydraulic systems which will be re-filled and bled (Manufacturer’s specified oil will be supplied and charged at additional cost)