Bike Fitting

There are countless bike fitting systems on the market and many shops have started to offer these services.

In many cases, bike-fittings are simply a tool to increase bike sales; however as an independent service provider with no retail agenda you can be sure of impartial advice from Doctor D.

My fitting service is borne out of a genuine desire to help riders of all ages and levels of ability improve their comfort and efficiency, and help my clients make the best use of the investment they have already made. I do not use formulas or databases but rather put my 30 years + of experience as both a rider and as a salesperson/fitter to good use. I firmly believe that bike-fit is evolutionary, something that alters as your fitness levels and morphology change. It is also something that needs to be re-assessed as we pick up injuries or just get older. If you have never had a proper bike-fit there has never been a better time to book one.

A normal ‘Bike-fit’ takes around 2 hours (sometimes less time is required, in many cases more!) and includes:

  • Discussion of your cycling history and objectives including ailments, issues or concerns
  • A dynamic fitting session using your existing bike on an indoor turbo trainer
  • Adjustment of saddle height and set-back
  • Handlebar orientation and position adjustment (stem substitution at additional cost may be required)
  • Brake lever position assessment/adjustment
  • New Handlebar tape fitted (if required)
  • Cleat adjustment
  • Tutorial on how to record ‘bike fit data’ and also transfer it from bike to bike
  • Provision of Bike Fit data (before and after)

Should more serious biomechanical issues be revealed during the fit session, referral to specialists in these areas may be suggested.

£144 including VAT at 20% (plus any parts used)